Welcome to Hansa House. My name is Holly Gomez (Duleba). Hansa is my spiritual name given to me by my guru, Shri Anandi Ma. It means pure soul, or swan. Connect with me HERE.

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Death of Robert David Steele

I was waiting for a credible source on this news from yesterday. Here it is, from Robert David Steele’s newsletter today. It’s “official”. 😭😟🤔🤔🤔 Robert, you are one of my fave Truthers by far!!! I still hope this is fake news. 🙏❤

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What One Man Can Do

This week’s theme = what one man can do It’s hard to tell the truth when no one wants to listen,When no one really cares what’s going on.And it’s hard to stand alone when you need someone beside you,Your spirit and your faith must be strong.What one man can do is dream,What one man can…

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I consider Robert David Steele (RDS) to be a great Truther. I am a fan of his work, his mission, his vision, and so on. RDS has launched an important 50 state tour for 2021 that Americans should be aware of, called ARISE USA! THE RESURRECTION TOUR. Besides RDS, some other important players involved are…

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I am among the many who experienced a spiritual awakening in 2012, and these were the most significant influences and events involved. Clear The Path I have been following the work of Karl Mollison since 2012. My first encounter with him was a presentation about spirit attachments. As a result of this, I signed up…

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Freedom Not Allowed

FREEDOM. It’s not allowed on Facebook. Welcome to the inspiration for my first meme, finally. And in demotivational poster format, naturally. 😎

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